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Annalisa Molaschi


Annalisa Molaschi was born in Cremona, where she lives and works. Established writer, she published for children: - Un safari emozionante ("An exciting safari") - Raffaello Editore - winner of two national literary awards (Premio "Cittā di Cingoli" and premio "Aquilone d'oro").
The book has been adopted as narrative text in primary schools abroad.
- The tale "Angie & Leo" with other stories by different authors (copyright in favor of Lega del Filo d'Oro).
- Non č colpa della luna ("It is not the fault of the Moon") - Giramondolibri - with a preface by Vito Cioce, vice director and radio anchor at RAI RadioUno.
- Viola e il ragazzo invisibile ("Violet and the invisible boy") - Mursia Scuola Mondadori Education - chosen as textbook in the third class of secondary schools.
- In the series "FATE" (Fairies) with the magical protagonist "NANCY FLY":
" Nancy Fly e il Collezionista ("Nancy Fly and the Collector")
" Nancy Fly e il Riflesso nello Specchio ("Nancy Fly and the Reflection in the mirror")
" Nancy Fly e la Sfida Incandescente ("Nancy Fly and the Burning Challenge")
" Nancy Fly e la Gemma Nascosta ("Nancy Fly and the Hidden Gem")
" Nancy Fly e la Principessa delle Meraviglie ("Nancy Fly and Princess of Wonders")
- In diretta dalla savana ("Live from the savannah") Eli - La Spiga.
-"Dalla parte del cattivo" (From the Side of the Mean Guy) Archimede Edizioni - Schoolbook for Junior High Students
-"Re Artu' e i Cavalieri della Tavola Rotonda"- Raffaello Editrice - (King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table) New Published Jannuary 2014
-"Cioccolata all'arsenico" Chocolate with arsenic - (coming soon) - Apostrofo Editore -
She published many short stories for adult on magazines, anthologies and guides and won several literary awards. She composed fairy tales custom-written and plays and collaborated with musician and composer Ilio Volante as writer of children song's lyrics that classified at the top of the ranking in important radio contests.
She meet children and young people in schools, libraries and book shops in the project "Viaggio nel libro con l'autore" (travel in the book with the writer).